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MYCO IMPORTS, INC dba (Simco Products Comapny). would like to introduce our company and products to you. In business since 1980, MYCO IMPORTS, INC. dba (Simco Products Comapny) is a major Manufacturer, Importer, Packager and Distributor, specializing in sales and service to the Wholesale Industry. MYCO uses German technology and Japanese Stainless Steel to produce the highest quality shears and other related implements in the American market today. What sets us apart from the competition is that we continue to strive for perfection

Over the years, we worked hard to achieve a good reputation that we now have in this industry. This reputation has been achieved by competitive pricing, attractive packaging, and excellent service to our customers. In order to insure the continuance of this reputation, the management at MYCO IMPORTS, INC dba (Simco Products Company) is committed to maintaining a close working relationship and an open line of communication with each and every customer

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